Friday, January 30, 2009

I recently rearranged my studio, and now have a much better working space.
This is a picture of my floor where I had my main work area. That is two years of paint there.
I think is is beautiful!

My brushes and mediums. These are actually just a small amount of brushes for me. I tend to go through brushes quickly, so I always have lots around.

My palette this afternoon. It is glass and scrapes off so easily. I use charcoal and oil sticks in my work too.

This is where I paint with acrylic as an under painting to get rid of the white canvas and start building up texture and composition.

These are canvases that are in different stages . Some are finished and ready to go to the gallery, others are just the under painting. My favorite size to paint is 48x48. I would love to paint much larger, my next studio that I build will have taller ceilings!

Here is where I do most of my work. My oil painting. I also have space on the wall to look at work in progress. I work on four or five paintings at time, rotating the work as I go.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Directing Traffic
oil, mixed media on linen 45x48